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Qi Gong can be translated as meaning ‘energy work’. Qi Gong involves working with the body’s energy system through gentle exercises. There are numerous sets of Qi gong exercises that have been passed down through the Daoist tradition. Qi gong is beneficial for body, mind and spirit. The exercises help develop balance in the energy system; also known to acupuncture as the meridian system. Different sets of Qi Gong exercises perform tonifying, purging and regulating functions. Qi Gong not only brings health but also maintains health.
When practicing Qi Gong, you learn to combine various bodily movements with your breath and your intent to create a healthy flow of internal energy (Qi) throughout your body.
The Daoist arts are about development and change. A practitioner is seeking through constant training and self cultivation to condition their body, energy system and mind. It is through this process that we may seek good health, harmony and ultimately self realisation. This is the path to Dao. Qigong does not look much from the outside but the effects are powerful on the inside.

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