Daoist Dao Yin Workshop.

Dao Yin exercises are designed to stretch and open the joints, and engage the facia system; this in turn opens the key energy gates within the body. As more ‘space’ is created, pathogens stuck between the bones can escape the body as a vibrational wave which is passed out to the fingers. This is the principle of ‘leading and guiding’ or Dao Yin which is an ancient Daoist practice of health preservation.


Workshop Details :

Saturday 5th August 2017

The workshop is being held at:

Turnberrie’s Community Centre
Bath Road
BS35 2BB

For a map and directions please see Turnberrie’s website here

The workshop runs from 11.30am until 5:30pm. There will be breaks and Turnberrie’s has a cafe where drinks and snacks can be purchased.

The cost of the workshop is £40 which can either be paid on the day or through PayPal.

Please contact Donna to book onto the workshop.