09:00 – 17:00        

Compton Dundon, Glastonbury, UK  (Level 1/2)                     

Over two days Damo will explore the practice of Nei Gong with a focus upon the foundations of training as well as various stages of internal awakening inherent within the Daoist arts.

Philosophical Art of Change

The Daoist art of Nei Gong is the study of the three bodies of mankind. The physical body must be structured in such a way that it forms an effective ‘workshop’ for your practice. The energy body must then be awakened and from here the mind is integrated into the practice. Various static and moving practices will be explored along with the theory of Nei Gong and the practice of energetic regulating through the Zi Fa Gong process. For beginners the first mission is to accurately locate and awaken the lower Dan Tien and this will be the focus for newer students.


Level 1 and 2 Course

This course is listed as both level one and and two in nature. This means that it is suitable for beginners, who will study the foundations of Nei Gong, but also for more advanced students who will move deeper into the practice of Nei Gong by learning how to focus and regulate internal flow to assist in opening the deer congenital meridians. If necessary, the group will be split into two halves who will work on different aspects of the process.

Course Details

The course is being held in:

Meadway Hall, Ham Lane, Compton Dundon, TA11 6PQ

The course will run on Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am until 17:00pm. There will be a short break for lunch each day.

The cost of the course is 100 GBP

To book a place on this course please use the contact form on the Lotus Nei Gong main site