About Qi Gong


Qi Gong can be translated as meaning ‘energy work’. Qi Gong involves working with the body’s energy system through gentle exercises. There are numerous sets of Qi gong exercises that have been passed down through the Daoist tradition. Qi gong is beneficial for body, mind and spirit. The exercises help develop balance in the energy system; also known to acupuncture as the meridian system. Different sets of Qi Gong exercises perform tonifying, purging and regulating functions. Qi Gong not only brings health but also maintains health.

The Daoist arts are about development and change. A practitioner is seeking through constant training and self cultivation to condition their body, energy system and mind. It is through this process that we may seek good health, harmony and ultimately self realisation. This is the path to Dao. Qigong does not look much from the outside but the effects are powerful on the inside.

The video below shows Lotus Nei Gong’s Damo Mitchell demonstrating an eight piece qigong set called Ji Ben Qi Gong.

The Qi Gong material taught within the school is as follows :


Qi Gong Fundamentals

Sung breathing, Body Mechanics, stretching & Daoist theory

Ji Ben Qi Gong Set

8 exercises to aid body structure, breathing energy flow

Wu Dao Yin Set

5 exercises for purging

Wu Xing Set

5 element exercises from the medical tradition designed to regulate the five key energetic pulses which take place within the congenital energy body

Hunyuan Qi Gong

These are the primordial exercises designed to open the congenital meridians and help with the small water wheels of Qi so important in the early to intermediate stages of internal training

Dragon Dao Yin

These four short sequences derived from the Bagua tradition are designed to condition the body, spiral the internal energy and strengthen the spine. These are more intermediate in difficulty than some of the other exercises in Lotus Nei Gong

Animal Qi Gong

These five short forms are based upon the movements of the Tiger, Deer, Monkey, Bear and Bird. These forms are each aimed at different pathogens within the body produced from there five Yin organs of the Liver, Kidneys, Heart, Spleen and Lungs

Women’s Qi Gong

Exercises aimed at working with women’s energetic needs

Heavenly Streams

Heavenly Streams is the practice of feeling and working with the meridians of the body. These lead students through the process and help them to activate different points on the body

Daoist Sounds

These are various postures and sounds ranging from single tones to Mantra like chants which set up internal vibrations within the energy body. The sounds are used for both medical and spiritual purposes

Medical Qi Gong

Various medical qi gong exercises aimed to balance and clear the meridians

Connecting with the Environment

Exercises to link your energy system to that of nature

Dan Tien Rotation

Freeing the movement of the lower dan tien and commencing the micro-cosmic orbit

Daoist Meditation and Sitting Practices

Various Daoist Alchemy sitting exercises and meditations