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In the early stages of the Nei Gong process, many of the exercises and practices are the same for both men and women. Beyond the early stages there are certain adjustment that need to be made in order for the female practitioner to progress to her fullest potential. As you move deeper  into the Nei Gong process there are larger differences and understanding the nature of women specific practice is very important. These differences are due  to the specific energetic traits of the genders but also because some meridians, particularly the Ren and the Du meridians work differently for the two sexes. In this course we will work only with exercises specifically suited to the meridians and energetic centres of women.

Course Content

On this course Roni Edlund will teach many of the female-specific Nei Gong methods from her forthcoming book on training in the internal arts as a woman. She is going to teach exercises which helps strengthen the Uterus and its connecting energetic meridians and organs. The breasts store negative emotions from previous relations and are related to our essence as well as our sexuality. Emphasis is going to be put on moving stagnant Qi in the breasts and re-nourishing them. The middle Dan Tien and the Heart centre is a very important area for women to work with. One way we can regulate this area is with our voice, by expressing ourself and our heart. We are going to make use of this and do mantra and Nei Gong exercises to clear and nourish these areas. Overall, we are going to put time into exercises which particularly benefit the various energetic flows of female Nei Gong practitioners.

As an extra aspect of the course, Roni will be teaching a rare Tibetan Buddhist Qi Gong method which aims to open the Heart region of the energy body through the use of Mudra and focused internal stretching. It was used within Buddhism to help prepare a person for entrance into a state of Samadhi. On this course it will be used to invigorate the Heart and the spirit.


This course will run from 9.00am until 4pm on Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th of March 2016.

The cost of this course is: 90 GBP

The course is being held at:

Redland Club
Burlington Road
Bristol BS6 6TN

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